Our Consultants are well versed in US Government Contracting, provides assistance in: 

  • Indirect Cost Allocation 
  • Internal and Statutory Audit Support 
  • Determining allowable and unallowable cost for finance team.
  • Sanity checks of your Costpoint system as per Government Contracting requisites.
  • Data conversion from legacy.
  • Custom User Manuals / Documentation.
  • Offsite/Onsite Training.
  • Implementation of Global Assets Management in Costpoint.
  • Pre and post implementation evaluation of proposed and existing system.
  • Total implementation throughout all Deltek® and Non-Deltek product systems.

Deltek® Time Keeping and Expense Management Solutions

Deltek Time Keeping and Expense Management solutions are useful for all roles and departments in a business management system, such as:

  • Finance
  • Executive
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
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Why Do You Need The Deltek Time Keeping and Expense Management System?

Substantial Reduction in
Timesheet and Expense Errors

By investing in the Timekeeping and Expense solutions by Deltek, you gain complete automation and control over managing your organization’s accounts and timesheet, thereby saving crucial resources like capital and time

Time Saver

Deltek is a flexible, user-friendly interface that helps in payroll and billing processing costs, staff administrative time, leading to the diversion of resources to increase the overall profitability of the organization. This is done with compliance with Government rules and regulations.

Reduction in Expenses

Deltek Expense helps your organization reduce costs such as report processing costs, fraudulent charges, receipt management costs, days sales outstanding (DSO), and employee administrative time. It also aids the management in improving decision making and working in compliance with firm and government regulations.

Mobile Features For On-The-Go Employees

Deltek also offers a mobile operation experience with the option to enter expenses and log times for employees that are constantly on the move to visit clients and other companies