Data Science | Data engineering

Data is the new oil. It is a valuable business asset today. Data helps in understanding and tapping into various loopholes. It helps computing meaningful insights that deliver solutions like maximizing productivity, increasing cost efficiency, giving a deeper understanding of the business problems, to name a few.

Now, where do we come in? 

Revolve understands problems and clearly defines the objectives of the difficulties to be tackled. We collect data from various sources that help us analyze and experiment on the solutions to the business problems.

Why Choose Us?

We expertise in various software like

  • AWS Stack (AWS EMR, Glue, S3, Redshift, Lambda)
  • Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • Snowflake
  • Databricks
  • Octopai (for data lineage)
  • Tableau (for reporting and dashboarding)

to come up with the best strategy or the model that hits right on the issues that need to be solved.

We are experienced in Agile, practicing Scrum, and are supremely well versed in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Methodologies.

We Turn Data into Actionable Strategies.