Our Speciality

We promise to care for your time and capital that you have invested in your organization. We help you to offload the extra weight of your shoulders of your business so that you can focus better on making sharper plans and execution strategies.

How does that happen? Our services are a comprehensive umbrella of everything a company would be looking for when they intend to transition into a smarter system of handing over back-end tasks like Database and ERP management to our teams.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are constantly thriving to make your business operations better. We make your life easy with the help of specialized services like ERP implementation, Cognos services, Business intelligence services, Professional end to end accounting and financing services.

Why would you distribute your back-end tasks between different firms? When one can do it all? We ensure better client relationships and help you fast track your business, at a cost-effective price. Increasing your investment to maximum fold possible is our motive, and we work towards it day and night! 

Vendor Affiliation and Values

We constantly aim at the use of tactical strategies that lead to long term benefits to the clients, no matter what the business scale is. We help the clients to achieve major transformation in terms of staff efficacy, process and technology, and all the internal management. Implementation of various technological programmes, like business intelligence strategy, ERP strategy, ERP system selection, ERP implementation, business process reengineering, ERP project recovery, and change management.

Our affiliation goes beyond just service providing; we believe in integrating and modelling our principles and values with those of our affiliate service providers. Every little detail that our vendors pay attention to, Revolve Solution focuses on twice as hard to bring the same experience and comfort they would provide.

We specialize in the following areas to assist our clients to help their business reach new heights.

  •   Deltek (R) ERP implementation and upgradation service
  •   IBM Cognos (R)
  •   Software as a Service (SAAS)
  •   Hardware as a Service (HAAS)
  •   technical services, data conversion, and
  •   client-customized software development

By delegating and handing over what can be managed by a back-end team, the companies can focus on the aspect of better management and allocation of resources.