Technology For All Real Estate Professionals

Technology for all real estate Professionals

In 1984, Anant Yardi created “Basic Property Management” for the Apple II computer and sold it to our first customer, Sabaco Realtors. Since then, Yardi has grown dramatically to become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry. at Revolve Solutions we Believe in Efficient, Cost effective and trusted solutions to our clients and yardi provides it all.

Yardi solutions increases efficiency and reduce costs for a global client base of public, private and nonprofit organisations. Market Which Yardi Serve includes commercial, multifamily, single family housing, self storage, student housing, senior housing, co-working, affordable housing, PHA, military housing, airports and parks and recreation.

Join thousands of businesses worldwide that choose Yardi property management software and services to optimize every aspect of their operations.

  • Property Management
  • Asset Performance
  • Marketing & Leasing
  • Procurement
  • Energy
  • Risk Management
  • Care
  • Market Research
  • Learning

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